Napper Architects submit exemplar Paragraph 55 house in the Green Belt

20 September 2017

Napper Architects submit exemplar Paragraph 55 house in the Green Belt

Napper Architects have developed the design for a single-family residence in a former walled garden in Northumberland. The client is passionate about building an exemplary building within the constraints of the Green Belt. Napper Architects were supported by Hedley Planning Services to consider Paragraph 55 of the National Planning Policy Framework and the very special circumstances required to allow approval; in this case the exceptional quality and innovative nature of the design of the dwelling.

In order to demonstrate the quality of the scheme design the project was submitted to the "Design North East" design review enabling service. Following three well informed panel reviews the design has been submitted to the local planning authority for approval.

John Devlin, Chair, Design North East said, "This is one of the most elegant design solutions that the Panel has ever reviewed" and added that "this is a bold yet subtle design solution which builds upon the concepts of walled gardens, out-houses and greenhouses and reinterprets the concepts in a 21st Century manner."

Graeme Dodd, Director of Napper Architects said: "We have always been recognised for our strong design ethos and collaborative approach to working with clients and wider stakeholders" Graeme added that "this project is the culmination of an extensive design development process and has resulted in a project that sits beautifully in its environment."

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