High Quality House Designs approved in Northumberland

17 August 2020

High Quality House Designs approved in Northumberland

Napper Architects have, working closely with local developers, Lugano, designed three high quality contemporary family homes at Runnymede Road, Darras Hall. The designs utilise the very best of sustainable technology and are well-mannered integrating elegantly into the site which gently slopes down to the river Pont. The scheme achieved full planning approval in August 2020.

Scott Munro, Lugano stated that, “The designs create a subtle and quietly contemporary solution that exploits the topography of the site and provides a 21st century environmentally friendly living.”

Graeme Dodd stated that, “The brief has allowed Napper to produce a “family” of house designs that are very much of their time. Graeme added that “Napper have been delighted to work with Lugano in bringing the scheme forward.”



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